Human Resources -

The People Max Program

It is well known that your employees can either make or break you and the focus of this program is to ensure that your staff become advocates and not detractors.


As with all programs we first assess where you are at currently, are your staff engaged? Do they know your vision for your business? Do they have scheduled performance reviews?


Once we know where everybody is we start to implement systems to ensure that all employees understand all aspects of their role and responsibilities as well as your expectations.


We work on increasing communication throughout the company to drive employee engagement and inform the entire team of focusses, vision and performance.



The desired outcomes of this program are:

  • Improved staff performance

  • More engaged staff members 

  • Improved staff accountability

  • Structured disciplinary process

  • A performance review system and log 

  • Better team morale and motivation   

  • Reduced risk of employee litigation

Exit and Succession Planning

Exit and Succession Planning is the structured preparation that all business should ideally have from start up or at the very least 12-36 months prior to the business being placed on the market. By working to a plan over this time frame the business owner can be confident that not only will the business sell easily but the maximum sale price will also be achieved with minimal negotiation.

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