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Legal Disclaimer

In using any level of the products or services that Compass Business Advisory Pty Ltd offers for you and to you, you acknowledge that Compass Business Advisory Pty Ltd is an information service provider and not a law firm.  Compass Business Advisory provides expert advice and services but does not provide legal advice.  You will not rely on your use of this website as a substitute for legal advice.  Compass Business Advisory will use all reasonable commercial care and attention to provide products and services in the manner described in the website ( at any level of service to ensure that all relevant material is compliant with Australian Commonwealth legislation.  However, Compass Business Advisory cannot guarantee that all material is compliant with all applicable State and Commonwealth legislation.


You acknowledge that the content of the documents created using our products and services will depend on the answers you provide to us to questions during any communication and intelligent document In providing services and products to you, Compass Business Advisory will rely on the information provided by you.  creation procedures and that documents created using our systems are intended for use in ordinary situations only and are not appropriate for use in special or unusual circumstances.  If you are unsure whether certain circumstances are special or unusual, Compass Business Advisory recommends that you seek legal advice.


Compass Business Advisory does not make any representation concerning, nor warrant the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of, the information provided on any level or through our services and products.  Compass Business Advisory does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any losses suffered as a result of reliance, either wholly or in part, by you or any other party upon the accuracy or currency of any content contained on any level of services or otherwise provided by Compass Business Advisory products and/or services.

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