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Human Resources & 

Employment Law

Effective Human Resource Planning is ultimately about people, productivity & product.

HR Management Policies & Procedures

Many managers and owners of small and medium businesses recognise the need for HR management. If you're committed to maximising the potential of your Workforce, increasing Productivity, Retention and Performance, while also taking care of Compliance Fundamentals you can do this with our HR Management Policies and Procedures.

Our Expertise

  • HR Manuals & Documentation (Customised to your business & Templates)

  • Integration of documentation into the workplace

  • Enterprise bargaining agreements & modern awards

  • Remuneration & Benefits

  • Workplace Mediations

  • Industrial action (disputes & representation)

  • Terminations & redundancies

  • Grievance & conflict advice

  • Investigations

  • Workers compensation reviews

  • Rehabilitation & injury management/ Back to work planning

  • Discrimination & Victimisation

  • Employment Relationships

  • Control Performance management & discipline 

  • Loyalty, Confidentiality & Privacy

  • Team building / Coaching / Training

  • Organisational values

  • Mergers &Acquisitions

  • Change management/ Organisational design & restructuring

  • Succession planning

  • Development and integration of HR Strategies

  • Leadership development

  • Managing culture and change within your business

"A Great Employee is like a Four Leaf Clover, Hard to Find & Lucky to Have."
- Tammy Cohen
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