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Are you looking for an Affordable Solution for a Body Corporate?

We can help you comply with the Body Corporate & Community Management Act

Body Corporate Services

20 Years of Combined Experience

We have the know how you need.

What We Do
  • Ensure your Body Corporate is compliant.

  • Provide all necessary documentation.

  • Make the process easy to understand

  • All administration services.
Services to the Developers

We offer Body Corporate solutions to developers that ensure the administrative operations are put in place in a timely manner to ensure that when it comes to selling the properties all necessary body corporate requirements are in place. 

This includes advice on the preparation of administrative and sinking fund budgets, requirements of disclosure statements, requirements for a community management statement and appropriate by-laws, convening of all necessary body corporate meetings related to establishment, of the body corporate roll, registers, accounts and other records, and all other procedures a new body corporate may require.

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