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Fair Work Compliance

Effective Human Resource Planning is ultimately about people, productivity & product.

Why do some businesses grow to a certain level and then struggle to get over the next hump?  Often the business grows but the business structure doesn’t change.

As HR specialists we have worked across and within businesses of varying sizes at different stages of their development.  We are able to consult with you and look into your business to identify the most effective way for you to grow your business at the right time and at the right pace.

Employee Relations, Industrial Relations, Business Restructuring

Changes in Australian industrial relations over the past decade have created a minefield for many businesses.   Each workplace issue is unique and managers are confused and overwhelmed in dealing with time-consuming employment matters.

Performance Management

Managing Staff Performance is about getting the right people in the right jobs doing the right things to make the business successful.

To be as effective and efficient as possible businesses need to capture and channel the personal objectives, abilities, motives, and behaviours of individuals in their workplace.  Whatever the size of your business, managing people is a constant challenge.  Managing poor performance is a challenge that most businesses would rather avoid.

Our HR Consultants will work with your Business to:

  • develop and retain your brightest and best employees

  • ensure individual accountability and commitment

  • effectively manage poor performers

  • set effective processes in place to cushion your business against changing business needs.

Our Consultants are available on an as-required basis to take the guesswork out of satisfying your staff management issues, improve your staff performance & create a cohesive team working environment

Policy Review, Development & Implementation

In today’s workplace, an employer can be held liable for the bad behaviour of an employee, especially when bad behaviour affects other employees or other people. Clear and concise workplace policies leave no doubt that responsibilities and obligations apply equally to both management and each individual employee.


Due to the exact requirement for workplace policies, written either specifically to inform and instruct on various legislations or outline internal processes, many businesses choose to outsource their policy requirements for time and expediency. As HR Consultants the Compass Business Advisory team have specialist knowledge of current legislations and our workplace policies are constantly updated in line with legislative changes.

The development of comprehensive workplace policies is an investment that can pay large dividends in increased productivity and minimised litigation. It’s also an essential component of your comprehensive people strategy.

How We can Help:

As HR consultants we look at each case individually and un-muddy the waters around employment relations and industrial relations. We ensure your organisation is safe from litigation by providing HR specialist advice on employment matters from the time an employee begins working with you until they leave your organisation.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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