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Kathleen Dale AKA The Boss

With a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a Major in Business including Employment Law, Kathleen is a self-made entrepreneur vastly experienced in the Financial, Marine, and Engineering sectors, which are heavily governed industries.


Highly effective and with a remarkable ability to network, she specialised in Business Compliance and is a founding member of Whitsunday Industry Liason Group.


Collaborating writer for Townsville's Real Estate News, her passion for engagement and communication led her to become a mentor for indigenous communities and the Mentoring for Growth Program in Queensland.


As the chairperson of an Advisory Board in North Queensland, her passion is to help businesses to achieve compliance with accountability, structure, and processes that provides small and medium business with a wider experience and insight.


In her words, success is not a matter of working hard, but working smart. If your company is ready for a smart move, let’s get in touch.  

"As a Company, we believe it is not the people that work the hardest that achieve success; it is the people that work the smartest!"
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